Achieve the Unthinkable

Pinnacle Organizational Performance Solutions helps organizations and individuals to understand, prepare for and manage change, setting direction, attaining goals and thriving in the new environment.

Edmonton-based founder Shirley Leonard offers change management consulting, coaching and speaking services to clients everywhere.

Change For Your Organization

Every change that your organization experiences impacts the workplace – the people – unless there’s a solid plan to help your team understand and adapt to the change.

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Change For You

Changing the course of your career or life direction is a big step. As your career coach, I will guide you through the process of finding a fulfilling new career path or enriching your current career choice.

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Change Speaking + Retreats + Events

As a professional speaker, I’ve never given the same talk twice. That’s because every organization, every audience, every event, is different—with unique needs and expectations.

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About Shirley Leonard

Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness Practioner & CTA Certified Coach & Change Management Professional (CMP)

Pinnacle owner Shirley Leonard is an executive coach, business consultant and change expert trained to help you or your team reach new heights.

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