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Project Management Contract: Interim Human Resources Director – Leading By Example!

The Client:
My client provides multiple residence options and personalized care for seniors and the elderly.

The Challenge
I was asked to provide interim Human Resources Director leadership for six months to support the organization through both planned and unexpected significant changes including departing leaders and the recent unionization of the staff. And…prepare the HR portfolio to be ready for an accreditation review process!

There was no clear roadmap to reference and I needed to jump into the ‘deep end of the pool’ and start swimming!

The Approach
Working with an amazing (‘can do’) leadership team, I was able to quickly build positive relationships both across and up/down in the organization, and put a plan in place to manage both the day-to-day operational needs as well as position the HR function for a successful future with the permanent Director.

The Result
Working ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ to build trust, I focused energy on the long-term and short-term priorities.  Together, we achieved success and achieved the goals originally established. More importantly, the trust relationships and an effective plan that supported achieving the big, hairy, audacious goals in a short-time period!

Career and Lifestyle Coaching: Imagining & Designing the Future!

The Client
My client is a dedicated, bright, professional young woman unsure of how to pursue a higher level role within her existing workplace. Her uncertainty stemmed from feeling she may not be ‘ready’ for the role plus uncertainty about how her skills and experience were perceived by the people who would evaluate her candidacy for the role.

The Challenge
We worked together, first, to re-write her resume and cover letter so these documents would stand out and be noticed! We positioned my client as the capable and natural leader that she is along with her substantial relevant experience and education. When she was selected for the short-list interview process, we did an experiential practice interview for the role to prepare her for the real interview.

The Solution
We have worked together over the last five years to: 1) initially define a more joyful lifestyle for my client, 2) collaborate on creating a plan on how to achieve that lifestyle, 3) prepared and coached this client through the pursuit of her master’s degree, and 4) coached and prepared her to win two new roles (different organizations) that have substantially grown her career and her lifestyle. I have learned so much from this growth-oriented relationship and feel absolutely blessed to have had this experience with such an amazing individual!

Change & Project Management Consulting: Creating a Sustainable Training Strategy

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource DevelopmentThe Client
The Government of Alberta, Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (WISKI Project)

The Challenge
With the strategic leadership supporting the initiative, create a sustainable training strategy that ensures training will be readily available on a highly-specialized software that is integral to multiple department specialists, many of whom are nearing retirement - and the department will lose that unique expertise as the retirement numbers increase. Each department utilized the software differently and had unique needs for the data, different training strategy agendas, and diverse ideas on how to participate in the project!

The Solution

  1. Buy-in: Created a representative Expert Working Group to articulate and agree on the urgent need for the training initiative.
  2. Competing content agendas: Define the essential tasks that all stakeholder groups need to know relative to using the software.
  3. Create delivery methods to meet employees where they are: In-person workshops, e-learning, one-on-one mentoring.
  4. Train-the-Trainer for Specialists: Provide training and facilitation skills to the specialists to share the responsibilities, collaborate on the content and delivery methods, and engage employees and deliver software training.

Business Development: Making Dreams Come True!

Many Colours for Hope FoundationThe Client
Sarah Gabriel (Author:  My Resilience; Executive Director:  Many Colours for Hope Foundation)

Sarah's Vision
Sarah expressed her desire to fulfil her dream of enhancing the lives of marginalized women and their children through access to education. Sarah sought Pinnacle's support to help her create a public speaking career to share her experiences as a South Sudanese refugee child and young adult, as described in her first book, My Resilience. 

The Challenge
With the collaboration of my business colleague Real Rousseau (Sproing Creative), we created a strategy and then a presentation of Sarah’s tumultuous journey through refugee camps in Ethiopia, an orphanage in Cuba, and now, her fulfilling life in British Columbia, Canada.

The Solution
We coached the very enthusiastic(!) Sarah on public speaking and presenting her message to audiences. Together, we launched her public speaking career in October 2013 at the Sparkling Hills resort in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

The Dream Becomes Reality
Real and I are now supporting Sarah’s leadership of her ‘Many Colours For Hope Foundation.’ Fundraising efforts provide financial support to local education initiatives and soon, initiatives abroad. Sarah is, indeed inspiring: making a difference and giving back: creating opportunities for disadvantaged children to have access to education -- and a future.

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