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Frequently Asked Questions

What is change management?
The easy explanation: It is stepping back to understand what that will be different and why the change is needed. The ‘step back’ enables us to place the change within the whole picture context of the organization that is contemplating making or is undergoing the change.

If we change every day (and we do!), then why do we need change management?
Leaving change to chance is unwise and puts the organization at risk. The people part of change can either sabotage or support the project’s success. Change management involves strategies and processes for supporting the human side of change. Change management specialists ask “Who will be affected by the change?” and then we create a plan to engage those individuals, because it’s people who make companies succeed

What is organizational change?
Every time an organization experiences a change, from altering the layout or location of an office, changing the corporate structure, or changing the current technology, you’re embarking on an organizational change. To transition through the change successfully, a plan is needed to get your team on board and acquire the buy-in needed for the change to be understood, adopted and ‘stick’. Change management is invaluable to the organizations and individuals in moving from ‘here’ (now) to ‘there’ (the desired future).

What are the benefits of change management?
With a positive strategy for identifying, engaging and supporting your staff and other stakeholders, as you embark on and move through organizational change, you’ll see improved:

  • Workplace culture
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee and client retention
  • Productivity levels
  • Inter-personal relationships
  • Faster adoption and adapting to the new way of being or doing

Where are your corporate retreats and life retreats held?

  • Corporate workshops and planning retreats are facilitated at the location of your choice.
  • Personal retreats are held across western Canada.

Why should my organization choose a certified Change Management expert to guide us through our change?

  • Leaders need to lead. Inviting change management support at the right time to build a roadmap to navigate through both the transition and change enables your leaders to continue to perform their roles AND contribute to the change planning during the change period.
  • Continuous professional training in a specialized field
  • Practical business experience
  • Transfer change management skills to your teams
  • Change management certification
  • Solid track record of successful project results and satisfied clients

Would you place your future, or your organization’s future, in the hands of someone who didn’t have these attributes?

What’s the difference between a business consultant and a change consultant?
The difference is the focus and specialized training/education. Change management is a unique specialization . It encompasses the ‘whole’ (organization, person, others associated and or impacted by the change).  Business consulting may look at just a ‘slice’ of the organization (i.e. increasing revenues, decreasing costs).  The ‘change consultant’ will examine and work with the affected employee groups to understand and manage the impact of any of those strategies on the organization, on the people, on the clients.  Both consultant groups have the shared goal of the organization’s success.  

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