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What is organizational change?
In the business world, change is relentless. Technology changes. Corporations restructure. Processes are overhauled. Direction changes to meet today’s global realities. Change, it is true, is the only thing we should count on.

Every time your organization initiates or experiences change, it can impact your workplace culture and bottom line, -unless there’s a plan for helping your team to understand and adapt to that change. Organizational change management is defining and implementing your strategy to support the people side of change.

Why is change management integral to your organization’s success?
These are common change needs: Let’s say your organization is relocating or switching to a new point-of-sale system, your growth is rapid (or too slow), or you’re contemplating a change in direction. Change management helps you to effectively and proactively identify, assess, plan and engage your stakeholders so your team or business can move smoothly from where you are now to where your organization needs and/or wants to evolve to.

Why Pinnacle to help your organization manage change?
Whatever changes your organization is undergoing, you’re going to need a solid plan, clear goals and strong team engagement to create and thrive in the new environment. The desired outcomes are more likely to be successfully adopted when supported with a practical, people-focused change and transition management plan.

To help your team adapt to change, Pinnacle uses the following organizational change tools:

  • Strategic visioning, change and transition planning
  • Current State assessment techniques
  • Designing a people change plan to fit with your strategic plan
  • Creating a change and transition management roadmap to support implementation of new projects
  • Coaching executives and managers to be change leaders
  • Developing effective and timely communication about the changes to minimize the rumour mill
  • Defining and providing the right training to the right people at the right time
  • Facilitating workshops and retreats to support your leadership in moving forward together
  • Team effectiveness and development workshops
  • Evaluating and understanding the change impact on the organization, employees and customers.
Our organization was urgently in need of an interim Director of Human Resources and Shirley Leonard from Pinnacle Performance Solutions capably filled the role.

During that period of 6 months, leading up to our accreditation survey, Shirley supported our management team with implementation of our new collective agreement, provided direction to transition our emergency preparedness plans to align with the provincial codes, developed and implemented an employee orientation program, created policies and procedures where there were gaps and developed a comprehensive plan for staff education and training.

These were all vital components for our organization to be ready to achieve the Accreditation Canada Primer award, for which we were successful!

We found Shirley to be a positive, professional force in helping us to manage the tremendous change that we were undergoing during this period.

Thank you Shirley! - Wendy King, Executive Director, Canterbury Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta

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