In the serenity of a location far away from your cubicle, your mind and soul imagine what could be... and then commit to getting there.

Our retreats are held in tranquil and inspiring locations across Alberta and British Columbia. Change management expert Shirley Leonard guides individuals and teams through the steps of imagining and planning for the future so that little is left to chance.

Retreats for Organizations

By retreating with your team, you give everyone the potential to leave the everyday behind and, instead, immerse in possibilities. Plan with purpose, align with your company’s values and create a stronger team.

Corporate retreats support your team to achieve results with workshops such as :

  • Board or Organization Development and Effectiveness
  • Naming, Taming and Managing Conflict
  • Strategic Planning for Success
  • Strengthening Teams
  • Defining & Developing Lasting Leaders

Long before your corporate retreat kicks off, Pinnacle founder Shirley Leonard works with you to identify your company’s pinch-points and define your goals.

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Retreats for You

Time for a change? Too much change? Maybe you’re feeling burnt out. Perhaps NOW is the time for you to finally pursue that dream you’ve been putting off.  Maybe you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. At a retreat, be fully present as you connect with your hopes and discover the actions to help you make those dreams become your reality.

In addition to the support and guidance of Pinnacle founder Shirley Leonard, you’ll experience the positive support of a group of like-minded individuals on their journey to joy.

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